Space Explores If you live in the L.A. area you might remember this show from Sheriff John, a noon time show for the kids. For a really good explaination of the movie go to the "Space Explores" on my LINK page. As I remember it, Space Explores was a series of five or ten minute shorts used probably to teach the kids some basic astronomey. This actually was a Genman made movie about a trip from the Earth to the Moon. And I have seen the actual movie. For a 1938-39 movie it was pretty good. From the Link site you will see the size of the original ship. It was huge. Our senes start with the ship being rolled out of the hanger. Note the support tractor attached to the bottom wing. Don t worry it drops off before flight. The rocket travels along a long ramp, perhaps miles in length. The ramp gets quite tall too. The rocket, like Commando Cody's, is a smoker in the atmosphere. But as it asends the smoke either stoppes or the engines shut off as it reaches space. The shooting stars wizing by I remember very will as they we hard to draw. But the best senes were the ship moving into orbit over the moon and its return to earth.

Solar Guard


IRWIN All Lost In Space

Commando Cody My Chilhood Hero